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→ Drawdown’s Youtube channel:
Drawdown Ignite webinar series
“Project Drawdown is the world’s leading resource for climate solutions. The Drawdown Ignite webinar series features experts working to accelerate climate action across the globe.”

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→ World Economic Forum – 11 January 2024:
10 actions to change the climate course
“Business and government need to shift from incremental to systemic actions to advance decarbonization – they should prioritize 10 initiatives. Acting on systems such as supply chains unlocks much higher impact than individual agendas, calling for ambitious supplier engagement. A new report from the Forum and Boston Consulting Group deep dives into each of the 10 initiatives and their potential impact.”

→ The Business Guide to Advancing Climate Justice, co-published by Forum for the Future and B Lab U.S. and Canada in 2023, is designed for businesses that are working to address the climate crisis, no matter how far along they are on their journey, by using equity-centered solutions. (PDF, 83 pages).

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WorkforClimate newsletter newsletter: “We believe that at least 100 million people (that’s just 1% of humanity!) will need to learn climate skills, build new professional networks and find new kinds of work in this decade. We started to build the ramp for these 100 million people.”

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