This is what The Business Revolution is about:

The Business Revolution is a group of professional and experienced consultants and media workers who are collaborating around transitioning our society towards a sustainable and safe world for future generations – a world where the air is clean and the climate is safe.

This requires a multi-pronged approach to awareness and education, so that there is a growing desire and courage to move from intent to action.

Our mission is to gather and connect people and organisations who are already engaged in the transformation, providing awareness training and knowledge, so that we enable whole organisations to decarbonise and protect planet Earth. 

We operate with two key environment-focused offerings:

  • Communication: information and awareness media. We share insights and stories via podcasts and presentations at events
  • Training: we bring employees on board with cost-effective and engaging learning content, delivered via e-learning and in-person training and coaching

Globally, governments and organisations struggle and are falling behind on their emissions reduction targets. In the EU and USA, businesses will soon be impacted by new regulations requiring environmental and emissions reporting, and already Australian submissions for European government bids are at risk if the standards of the bidding organisation don’t comply with the legislation.

A broad range of research has shown that there is more desire to adapt than actual action, and a very significant contributing factor in that impasse is that when people are unclear about their part in the big picture, and how they can be painters of the future image, they largely resort to natural reactions of flight, freeze or fawn. 

Founding members

Alan Taylor has moved from corporate IT consulting into this domain because he adamantly believes that humans need to adapt, businesses can benefit from this new revolution and therefore he is determined to help it happen.

Mik Aidt has been a highly influential player with respect to our environment, with very active communications experience for over 10 years. Examples include playing a very significant part in the global ‘Climate Emergency Declaration’ movement, and long-lived podcasts.

Cherry Ward is a leadership development consultant, specialist and coach with over two decades of experience in the corporate world. She is also the founder of Bluebird Leadership, a boutique leadership development firm that’s on a mission to revolutionise the way leaders and organisations approach leadership with a focus on sustainability.